Hard material products


The hardness, durability, wear resistance - properties are necessary for creation high-quality tools for rock drilling.The reinforcementof tool bits,drilling bits, boring cutters is greatly increased the productivity ofthe drilling process. MC "Technocor" LTD produces the following hard material products for mining tools.

Cutting plates and bits for mining tools
Inserts (bits) for reinforcement of drilling bits


One of the important and relevant objectives of mechanical engineering is reducing of wear and increasing the period of the cutting power in the processing of hard-to-cut material. Our company produces inserted pieces of two types:tungsten carbide(WC) and titanium carbide (TiC) hard material with different grain of carbides, depending on customer requirements:

Brazedcutter plates
Indexable cutting inserts


Tungsten carbide hard material hasthe best complex of physical and mechanical properties for deformation of metals by pressure (DMP). The high coefficient of thermal conductivity of hard materials provides the necessary heat removal generated in the process of DMP, and where it is not enough, you can use the cooling due to the high corrosion resistance. Hard materials have low adhesion to steel and non-iron metals in the process of DMP, which contributes to high resistance of instruments and good surface quality of the deformable metal.

Semi-finished parts of drawing blocks (die blocks) for tube drawing 
Semi-finished parts for stamping instruments
Die blocks - semi-finished parts for tube drawing of round cross-section


The area of use of hard materials is constantly expanding due to its unique complex of physical and mechanical properties. The synthesis of artificial diamonds produced in hard material matrix. Hard material end seals and valve seats are used in various types of pumps for pumping liquids with a high content of abrasive particles. The drill is rotated using the sliding bearings, which are represented the one hard materialplug inside anotherduring the boreholes drilling for oil and gas recovery. In these latest daysjewelryfrom tungsten carbidebecoming popular.

Hard material products produced by MC «Technocor» LTD