We have supplied our products to many different companies,operating since 1996.

Our base plates and dies for synthetic of diamonds have successfully worked at "PoltavskuiAlmaznuiZavod" JSC (later "Element Six"), Ukraine, which was showing the resistance at 2 times higher than that of other suppliers from 1996 to 2010.

Our proprietary tungsten carbide mixtureare successfully used by the company "Tverdosplav" JSC, Moscow, Russia, research and manufacturing association «Donix» and Institute of extra-hard metals named after Bakulia, Ukraine, in their own production.

To companies "Zavod imeni Malysheva" SOE, "Zaporozhinstrument" JSC, and "Kharkivinstrument" were supplied more than 27 tons of hard-alloy metal-cutting plates and semi-finished parts for punching tools.

PJSC "Artyomovskyi machine-building plant «PobedaTruda» has staffed by our hard alloy insertsthe tool bitsof own production for the mining industry, during three years, beginning from 2010 and to the moment of its closing in 2014.

Our metal-cutting plates have been used successfully in such enterprises as "Novokramatorskiy Machine-Building Plant" and "Starokramatorskiy Machine-Building Plant", city of Kramatorsk, as well as hundreds of small metal processing enterprises of Ukraine.

Our blockouts for press molds to the production of bricks surpassed the tenacity of steel in sixty times in brick factories "Fagot", city of Krasnyi Luch and "Lutuhynskyi plant of building materials" city of Lutuhyne. As a result, we have suppliedtothese companies more than 37,000 pieces of these products, since 2007.

Our company has a program of operation technical support of our products at the enterprise ofcustomer.
Thus, we, together with the customer, always prove the level of quality of our products to the required.