About company


MC «Technocor» LTD was established in 1996 in Kharkov, Ukraine.

The main activity of our company is the manufacture of products made from hard materials based on tungsten carbide and titanium carbide. We can produce hard materials products up to 50 tons per year. A wide range of output products covers virtually all application fields of hard-materials:
– cutting of metals;
– metal treatment under pressure ( production of pipes, wire rods and rebar);
– oil and gas extraction, high-temperature synthesis of artificial diamonds, and so on.

Our manufactoryconsists of the following sections:

1. Thegrinding and mixing section, on which we obtain a powder of hard materialwith required chemical and grain size composition.
2. The plasticization section of hard materials powders.
3. The cold pressing section.
4. The section of vacuum sintering and HIP.
5. Mechanical-repair section.
6. The laboratory. The entry control of raw materials is performed by using X-ray fluorescence analysis.Technical control of finished products includes the determination of hardness, density, flexural strength and metallographic studies of the microstructure of control samples from each batch of manufactured products, as well as the control of the density and geometric dimensions of finished products. 

Our experienced technologists will study drawings and working conditions in detail provided by your product, choose the material of the product, design and order the pressmolds. The control of the production process will be carried out at all stages, which allows producing the hardmaterial products of high quality at competitive prices.

Our company's reputation is guaranteed by reliable cooperation with partners such as: «Zavod imeni Malysheva», Kharkov; «Poltavskiy_almazniy_zavod» JSC («Element Six» JSC); Institute of extra-hard materials named after Bakulia; JSC «Donix»; factory “Svet Shahtera”; «Zaporozhinstrument»JSC, "Artyomovskyi machine-building plant «PobedaTruda» JSC and many other companies.

We have individual approach to each client and we are ready to cooperate, both in Ukraine and abroad.

Thank you for your interest to our products and we hope for fruitful cooperation!